Facing that fast growth of globalization and economy worldwide with information and technology as the tools,  we EVANGELINE & PARTNERS, a small medium sized firm, is a full service law firm who acts globally to provide thorough legal services for national and multinational companies, high net worth individuals and small & medium enterprises in a variety of corporate legal matters to support you facing the fast growing globalization with the strong legal foundation.
Our practice areas are :

  1. Corporate Practice/ M&A
  2. Investment
  3. Intellectual Property
  4. Land and Real Estate
  5. Forestry and Plantations
  6. International Trade and Customs/Tax
  7. Information Technology
  8. Labor and Employment
  9. Alternative Dispute Resolutions
  10. Litigation
Indonesia New Trademark Act No. 20 / 2016 that came into force on 27 November 2016, amend the prior regulation. The amendment enhances trademarks in line with international conventions and standards. In addition, the amendment will help to boost the development of the creative economy and trade of Indonesian products in the international market.hat

Indonesia new Patent Law No. 13/2016 that came into effect on August 26, 2016 has some changes.