Intellectual Property

With up to date and experienced insight in the IP field, we offer a broad range of legal services, including registration, management and protection of copyrights, trademarks, brands and patents, as well as assisting them in developing effective strategies for IP portfolio management.

With strong focus on marketing, sponsorship, licensing and merchandising, broadcasting, media rights, ceremonies, as well as development and implementation of brand protection and ambush marketing strategy and policy, E & P takes all the necessary precautions including appropriate legal actions to ensure that IP rights of our clients are protected and, where appropriate, enforced and exploited.

We provide services in Intellectual Property, as below :

  • Consultation services, filing and prosecution of Intellectual Property applications in Indonesia and abroad;
  • Patent drafting and filing;
  • Patent Searching
  • Annuity Patent Services
  • Freedom to Operate analysis
  • Registration and trademark renewal
  • Industrial design registration
  • Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Surveillance and/or Infringement
  • Investigations Services;
  • Intellectual Property Litigation and Auditing;
  • Preparation and Review of Licensing, Franchising and Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Searches and Registrability Opinions;
  • Checking and Managing Patent, Trademark, Industrial design, and Copyright
  • Portfolio Of Individuals/Companies;
  • Consultations Services and Legal Assistance in Lawsuit and/or Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights;