H. Suradanun Manta, SH., MH

Graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree (S.H.) from the University of Parahyangan Bandung in 2010, and was awarded a  Magister of Laws degree (M.H.) at University of Indonesia in 2016. His theses is about The Application of National Treatment and Fair and Equitable Treatment in Dispute Settlement on Trade and Investment of NAFTA (Case Study: WTO Case on Mexico Soft Drink Tax and Cargill v. Mexico, ICSID). Furthermore, he has experiences both in company and law firm. He joined in well known Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company PT GarudaFood Putra-Putri Jaya in 2010. He focused on matters are about goods distribution, retail, consumer goods, Food certificate, Halal certificate, including manufactory and warehouse requirements. In 2014, he joined one of big five law firm in Indonesia, and handled some projects to review Indonesian Bilateral Investment Treaties that cooperated with Indonesian Coordinating Investment Board (BKPM), and other corporate matters. He used to reviewing, drafting, and analyzing for company establishment requirements. In the recent time, he joined real property project, make legal memorandum on land permit and other requirements related to.


His specialization practice areas are :

  • Corporate Practice / M&A
  • Contract Drafting
  • Real Estate Law
  • Investment Law